January – April 2013

Winter 2012/13 was very long with lots of snow and long very cold periods. It was good for the ski resorts, even the once on lower altitude had a good season. Nora and the kids enjoyed the outing with the TSH (former Jungwacht leaders), as we went snow shoe hiking…(German text or photos on club website). We were not ready for skiing this year, but went three days to the mountains and enjoyed hikes and sledging in Sedrun/Disentis.

Nora fine-tuned her baking and she enjoys creating Sunday bread in variations, especially the flower bread. We had as well some visitors for Asian/Malay food and enjoyed evenings/lunches with friends and family. We have uncle Juerg and parents over on weekends and did celebrate Easter at my sister house. Carnival was in February and the kids were dressing up for school and we went to some special events downtown. One night, all the marching bands played and we enjoyed this evening with uncle Juerg. Nora got a nice surprise, as her sister Nor had to pass in London for a business trip. They spent a short weekend shopping and catching up. The weekend with Papi alone was no issues for the kids…..

30th of March we celebrated one year Switzerland. Nora got a special Easter bunny “Ich bin ein Wiler”…I am a Wiler. She did a great job getting the kids and family settled. As Stefan predicted: “Kids will adjust fine and fast, Nora will get used, and I will have most issues”.

Sarah enjoys Kindergarten and we got the green light from the teacher for first grade. She made big progress in German (mainly high German…must be the TV!) and understands all instructions. She speaks freely, but grammar is bumpy…..but she communicates well with the kids. Nadiah enjyos her playgroup and can not wait to go to Kindergarten. Sarah did as well start her 3rd swimming course, already swimming with help in the very deep water….Nadiah enjoys playing in the water or the long slide with Papi during the lessons.

In April we hosted the TSH at our house after a hike. Nora did cook a popular Swiss dish and the group liked to hang out at our place. (Text / Photos) We did some outings, as Stefan could not take a full week off due to busy Givaudan schedule. We enjoyed going to Konstanz, visiting Circus or movie theater.

2012 in review – blog statistics

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

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Happy New Year and 2012 update

December has been filled with activities and our girls liked the many Swiss traditions. Please find here our newsletter for 2012:

We wish everybody a Happy New Year, may 2013 be filled with Fun, Health and Joy.

Wir wuenschen allen ein tolles 2013 mit Freude, Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit. Wir veteilen unseren Jahresbericht nur noch in Englisch, da wir nun wieder in der CH wohnen.

The Giezis!


Winter 2012

Das 4. Quartal war hektisch aber auf die Familie konzentriert.

Der fruehe Schnee Ende Oktober und anfangs Dezember war fuer die Kinder ein schoenes Erlebnis und the Giezi girls freuten sich am Schlitteln und Schneeschaufeln. Continue reading

Winter 2012

We had a busy year end, at home as well at work. Sarah got evaluated at school and the specialists were impressed on how she is picking up German. We got very early snow beginning November and once again beginning December. Continue reading

October 2012: Visitors from Singapore

It was a great surprise when Nor called to ask, if Hariz can come visit and take Nora’s mom with him. That was unexpected and we bought her ticket immediately.

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1982: Jetz sind mir dra

In 1981 Stefan did a super8 film for the national TV station. He sent a script in and they actually had a kids program, that would provide the camera and cutting equipment. It was aired on January 13th 1982. Uploaded this week, thanks a to friend who made a DVD out of the VHS.

LINK: http://youtu.be/SEX5Wd2NviA

Stefan sandte ein Drehbuch an das Shweizer Fernsehen. Er war sehr erstaunt, als man ihn anrief und eine Super 8 Kamera und Schneidegeraet zur Verfuegung gestellt wurde. Der Film wurde am 13.01.1982 schweizweit ausgestrahlt. Diese Woche auf youtube geladen, dank Stani, der die VHS in eine DVD umgewandelt hat.