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1982: Jetz sind mir dra

In 1981 Stefan did a super8 film for the national TV station. He sent a script in and they actually had a kids program, that would provide the camera and cutting equipment. It was aired on January 13th 1982. Uploaded this week, thanks a to friend who made a DVD out of the VHS.


Stefan sandte ein Drehbuch an das Shweizer Fernsehen. Er war sehr erstaunt, als man ihn anrief und eine Super 8 Kamera und Schneidegeraet zur Verfuegung gestellt wurde. Der Film wurde am 13.01.1982 schweizweit ausgestrahlt. Diese Woche auf youtube geladen, dank Stani, der die VHS in eine DVD umgewandelt hat.

2012: Summer (Vacation)

In German we call it balcony vacation or UHU, which means around the house. We did activities close to Wil and enjoyed exploring Stefan roots. Here just a few highlights we had. Papi took 2 weeks off and we enjoyed a VIP viewing for the Swiss National day firework in Wil from our balcony. Continue reading

2012: Settling in Switzerland-the first 3 months

After arrival, we went straight to our temporary flat in Duebendorf. It is literally a stone throw away from Stefan’s office. We liked the practical floorplan and the flat was furnished with all necessities. Our relocation agent showed us about 8 houses/apartments. Continue reading

2012: Moving to Switzerland – farewells, packing and 27 hour trip

Well, we knew it will come one day, but our move away from USA only sank after the Xmas holidays. We had to organize our move and Nora stocked up on kids clothes and other necessities that are very expensive in Switzerland. Highlights of the preparation: Continue reading

2012: Farewell in Cincinnati – March 17th

thanks everybody for coming. Cary and Cathy Zalba gave us a very special gift: a professional photographer attended and did capture our event with friends and our USA family:

We enjoyed the farewell a lot! Kids played with their friends and were very excited about having their fabulous Creative Tots teachers there. Adults enjoyed the time mingling and everybody won a prize at our “can not ship raffle” with goods the movers refused to take.

Good Bye Cincinnati!
We miss you like crazy….