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2007: OH driver license Nora

After two weekends of grueling practice with Stefan, Nora was finally ready to take the Ohio driving test. Practice preparation involve Stefan borrowing parking cones from Givaudan, assembling the mops and brooms in the house to act as markers, communicating via the walkie-talkies and Stefan instructing in the cold weather and at times, even in the rain. That was how serious this test was to us. Practices were conducted at a college parking lot.  The driving exam involved
1. Written test
2. the maneuvarability test and
3. driving about 1.5miles on the street

The driving test was taken at Sharonville Driving Test Center on 10 Jan 2007 at 1.50pm. By 2.05pm, Nora came out of the exam VICTORIOUS… with NO points deducted on the score sheet. Woo hoo!!!!