First Quarter 2015….

….already gone again…..Times flies!

We had a busy, but good first three months. The medical issues of my brother ask for attention, but we are glad to be close to help. In January we went a full week of skiing in Austria – Nauders. The kids did great and after a day repetition they went on the real ski lift and by Friday they took on any hill with the friendly teacher. Sarah was excited to win the race in her group.

Nora is very busy with the construction site. She looks everyday which vans are parked and than goes and gives advice or brings a cake, in order they do not take too long breaks. Colors, Kitchen, floor etc….. workers have questions before final install. We are very happy and can not wait to move in beginning of June.

With Easter warmer temperatures arrived and kids spend lots of time with neighbors on the road cycling and playing. They are doing good in school and we can see, that Sarah is loosing her “language barrier” more every day. Stefan took a few days off around Easter and we had fun in museum and bike tour while Nora was studying for her TEOFL German test. The girls had their Konstanz outing and enjoyed some breakfasts outside (something we miss from the USA a lot)…..

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