Winter 2012

We had a busy year end, at home as well at work. Sarah got evaluated at school and the specialists were impressed on how she is picking up German. We got very early snow beginning November and once again beginning December. Sledging and snow shuffling was a favorite for Nora and the kids.

Stefan got a week off from work and Nora to do his beloved St. Nikolaus tradition. ( The kids got a visit of course at home, in Kindergarten and came to see the yearly parade of St. Nikolaus.

Xmas came a bit too early, I would have needed another 2 weeks before being ready. But we enjoyed time with the kids and family. Nora got into baking and created great and well appreciated sunday breads. We visited my sister for a gourmet dinner and met frequently with parents and uncle Juerg.

Sarah was excided to be part of the lantern parade on New Years Eve. A special tradition in Wil, going back to a control of emergency lights in the past. We were able to borrow a neighbors lantern and have plans to create our own next year.

Please see as well our post with our new year letter

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