October 2012: Visitors from Singapore

It was a great surprise when Nor called to ask, if Hariz can come visit and take Nora’s mom with him. That was unexpected and we bought her ticket immediately.

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After a long trip they arrived end of September. Nora enjoyed cooking for her mom, as she has not yet experienced her youngest daughter as house-maker. We had delicious Malay and Swiss food for 2.5 weeks. The weather was not the greatest, but we did some touristy excursions. Hariz, our 18 years old nephew was an easy guest, enthusiastic and very good with the girls. They played a lot and danced Gagnam style….

  • We visited the RIGI, a great round travel on a sightseeing spot in central Switzerland. We took many trains (two very steep with cog wheels), a boat and walked around in Lucerne. Nana and Uncle Juerg joined on this very sunny day.
  • OLMA. The famous and agricultural fare in the East with a huge fair. Kids enjoyed the rides and watching animals from close. Uncle Juerg joined in the afternoon and treated the kids to cotton candy.
  • Shopping strolls in Wil and St. Gallen with visiting of famous old buildings
  • Visiting the chocolate factory in the region. Was a good guided English tour and the film was very interesting showing especially the bio way of cooperation with coca farmers in Peru. As Hariz LOVES chocolate and meat, he acted like Willy Wonka….www.schoggi-land.ch
  • Hariz and Stefan tried to reduce guilt of eating chocolate marshmallow….So we went for two hikes to the Turm on the highest point of Wil (webcam) and to the Hoernli…almost 200 m straight up.

One response to “October 2012: Visitors from Singapore

  1. Hi Stefan and Nora,

    The pictures are beautiful, your Mom looks so happy. I love receiving your new letters and pictures. You visit so many interesting and beautiful areas. I enjoy following them.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Best Regards, Diane

    Diane Koenig Manager, FTZ Supply Chain

    Givaudan Fragrances Corp. – International Trade Center 300 Waterloo Valley Road – NJ-07828 – Mount Olive – US T +1 973 448 6543 – F +1 973 448 6624 – M +1 201 704 5370 – http://www.givaudan.com

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