2010 August Switzerland and Germany

We flew to Zurich on August 12th. Nadiah tested her lungs for about 40 minutes on our first leg to Atlanta. Many passengers behind us were happy to hear, that they are not on the same next flight as us 🙂

We spent 4 days in the black forest and had unfortunately only rain. But we enjoyed the region, nice hotel with pool, great food and good compnay with grandparents and uncle Juerg. The sun came out exactly when we left town…..We organized a BBQ for our collectes and Stefan had to go to HQ in Geneva for a few days. Uncle Juerg took care of Nora and the kids and they spent lots of time playing and outings.</p><p>Second weekend was filled with celebrations for the 80th birthday of Karl and we visited a wedding of a Givaudan collegue. Soon after, we had to say good bye and the Delta passengers did experience the loud crying of Nadiah for about 3*20 minutes.

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