2009 fall

The summer went by so quickly. It was a rather cool season for us. The trees were unusually green and we didnt really have to water the yard all that much. Hah…now we are experiencing a beautiful Indian Autumn. The colours of the season is just amazing – a combination of yellow, orange and red…hhhmmmm so nice!……

The kids are growing up fast. Nadiah is now almost six months old and is now sleeping in her own room, just like her sister, Sarah. She still gets up once or twice on most nights for her midnight milk snack.Sarah has been a great sister. Very protective (never fail to tell us not to forget her sister wherever we go) and always showering her sister with hugs and kisses. We have to always remind her to be gentle so as not to overwhelm Nadiah. In all, our two girls make a great team and for that we are grateful.

Sarah has started her toddler programme this fall. She loves school and is always very enthusiastic and participative in all her class activities. This semester we signed her up for yoga enrichment program and each week she comes home with new poses to show us (tree, downward dog, shark, monkey, snake) Such joy!

Halloween on 31 Oct was fun this year as we picked our first pumpkin, carved it and displayed it. We went door to door tricker-treating with Sarah as a bumblebee and Nadiah as a ladybug

Soon enough Autumn will end as we welcome the Winter….

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