2008: Sarah first 12 months

Traveling across the continents. At 8.5 months, Sarah traveled to Singapore with mommy all by herself. The journey to Singi was looonnnngggg: 34 hours to be exact. We freaked out when we thought of the long stop-over in Paris but it was a blessing in disguise. After close to 8 hours of being on the plane,to be able to walk, stretch, roll around, shower was a welcome change. After that, we were all ready for another 12 hours haul…..

…this was Sarah’s first trip to Singapore and her first time meeting the Jirkaseh clan. It was a long awaited meeting for both. Our family in Singapore was truly happy to see her. Our days were COMPLETELY filled: swimming, eating, shopping, visiting family and friends, chilling out… it was truly a great vacation. Sarah grew so much while in Singapore. She got her first 4 teeth while going through jet lag, she babbled so much more – striking up conversations with anybody and everybody around her, she learnt to make funny clicking sounds, waved at anybody who said hello and bye bye. It was just incredible. And here we thought that she might have stranger anxiety. Bah! She was hardly with mommy except to breastfeed and sleep. Other than that, she was very well entertained and taken care of.

After 4 weeks in Singapore with just mommy, daddy joined us for the last 2 weeks of our vacation. Sarah welcomed daddy with a bright smile despite it was very early in the morning at the airport. Daddy was concerned that she might have forgotten all about him but she didn’t. Our family vacation in Singapore was filled with loads of administrative matters that needed to be settled, spending time with family, meeting up with close Swiss friends and visiting Givaudan.

We enjoyed every minute in Singapore. It was hard to take that flight back to Cincinnati, leaving everything that was familiar to us. We miss our family and friends in Singapore. But one thing is for sure, we will be back in Singi next March. By then, Sarah will be able to walk and talk. Good luck to us all!!!!

One milestone after another…. Sarah celebrates her BIG ONE! One year has passed since we welcomed Sarah for the first time. So much has changed in our lives; mostly for the better. She is truly such a miracle in our lives. From the day she was born until today, the miracles never cease to amaze us. From 7 lbs to now 23 lbs, from just crying because she wants something to now pointing to what she wants, from just staring at us to now babbling (da-da-da, ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba, na-na-na) and smiling her cheekiest smile at us, she is truly our joy. We just cannot imagine what our lives would be like without our little BAM-BAM.

Tom and Holly threw Sarah her first American birthday at their house on 22 June, Sunday. It was truly an incredible day not only for her but also for us. Holly and Tom went through a lot to get the party organised. Sarah got a pretty princess as her birthday cake (intricately made by Holly) and an amazing rocking Harley Davidson bike (they just blew us away). We had a fantastic time with the Selvaggios (Tom, Holly and Chad), April and Jeff. The get together was small and intimate – just the way we wanted it. Thanks guys for making Sarah’s BIG ONE special.

On her actual birthday, we spent the evening together. Mommy Nora cooked a Swiss meal and baked a simple (but yummy) cake. We showed Sarah all the gifts we got from her family in Switzerland and from us. You should have seen the look on her face and her giggles and smiles. On this special day, we pray for everything that is great for our little darling – esp. health, happiness and hope that she will grow up to be the best that she can be and be a source of joy to those around her. <

We love you very much, Sarah.

6 months Update: First and foremost, I would like to pay tribute to my beloved hubby for keeping this website alive and kicking with his German updates. My resolution for this year, keep the English version alive. <

We have officially passed the 6 months mark as parents. Stefan and I have grown closer and tighter together as a couple and our girl has grown bigger (definitely, considering that she is in the 97th percentile), stronger (yep, she holds her head up very well and now sits independently), cuter (what can we say – she has the best of the East and West). Strangely or not, now, we don’t see her as a tiny helpless being. She is now a true individual – one with her own mind, needs and wants and of course a loud voice.

Sarah has been making incredible progress since her first month of being with us and we hope and pray will do so for the rest of her life: She started sucking her thumb to self-soothe and what a blissful period it was for us. Whenever she was upset, she knows how to soothe herself. It was also during this period when she started to sleep through the night&hellip;. From 8.30pm till 7.30am. It was heaven for us. Then on her 5th month, she decided why suck my thumb when I have my parents to soothe me. So there goes, our blissful night sleep. She is getting better with her sleep now but we sure miss sleeping through the night.

Trip to Switzerland: We made our first long flight to Switzerland with Sarah over Christmas and New Year. As first time parents traveling with an infant, we were making preparations and pre-empting pretty much everything. Sarah chilled throughout the whole trip to and back. She surprised us by being almost the best baby ever to be on a plane. She was calm and all smiles. We are really proud of her&hellip; In Switzerland, she was greeted with love and warmth by her grandparents, uncle Juerg and aunt Barbara. It was truly great to be surrounded by family and friends in Switzerland. And Sarah blossomed so much in these two weeks. It must be the mountain air

6.5 months statistics: 9.072 kg, 67.31 cm

Week 2-3 Update: Sarah is now over 2 weeks old. It has been an amazing experience so far as parents – almost like being on a roller coaster. We had a scare during the first week home when Sarah got diagnosed with jaundice and had to stay overnight in the hospital for phototherapy.

But now, alhamdulillah, everything is fine with our baby girl. There were many moments of uncertainty as parents. Are we feeding her enough, too often? Is she feeling too hot in the summer heat here in Cincinnati? Is she happy? Why is she waking up so many times in the night?

But most importantly, we feel a sense of joy and love never before experienced as a couple. Our relationship as a couple has evolved into something a whole lot more profound – something that is difficult to explain, only can be felt in the heart. Thanks to Sarah! She made us feel whole lot more complete with each other. Sarah, you are truly a blessing!

Update: Sunday June 24th, 0910: our daughter Sarah was born after 24 hours in the hospital and 19 hours of Labor. We are very thankful! Nora was very brave and refused any medication during this long time!

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