2007: Babyshower and Chicago

We had a full program on 15-22 May 2007, which included our last runs of baby courses, visit from our dear friends and our first American cook out this spring/ summer. 17-20 May: Boeski and Sonja visited us in Cincinnati. Our first guests from Switzerland (we are hoping that more will be coming from Switzerland and Singapore). The guests were treated to an all American breakfast, all Cincinnatian lunch at Skyline, tour of Givaudan, walkaround Cinci city and an Indian dinner. The highlight of our weekend this week was the surprise baby shower that our darling friends, Tom and Holly, threw for us. They invited us and our guests weeks ago for Tom’s new tractor unveiling and also an all American cook out. Or so we thought…. It turned out that there was also a baby shower organized. We were truly surprised and touched!!!! Thanks so much, guys! You are just great! Food was excellent, company was fantastic and we had a great time just chilling out talking, eating, playing cornhole  and yes, opening presents!!!!!!

On Sunday, we packed our bags and made our way to Chicago with Sonja and Boeski on Volvina. The trip took is 5 hrs and 20 mins. It was a pleasant drive for us. Stefan and Boeski took turns to drive. Chicago is really a nice city and clean for a big city. Reminded us a lot of New York though. We managed to take a boat for an architectural tour around the city, walked along Magnificient Mile (which is a shopping stretch) and up on the John Hancock Obervatory.

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