2007: Visit NYC und DE

Nora accompanied Stefan on a work trip to New York City and we also spent a great weekend in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Nora spent one morning in New York City shopping for more baby things in GAP. Such a productive trip, we must say. We also spent the some time at the Empire State Building to take a picture of the Jungwacht logo in front of the building – to give an international feel to the organisation. People were wondering what the logo was about.

We had to explain to the security that it is a Swiss scout logo and it is something we would like to do for the youngsters. Of course nobody can say no to a pregnant lady trying to get the best shot of the logo and the building emblem.

Stefan was busy most of the trip being in touch with the finance groups from Mt Olive and Teaneck. He was also getting to know the new gang from Quest.

On Friday, 27.04.2007, we drove to Wilmington, DE, to visit Albert and his wife, Henriette. We spent two great and intellectually stimulating days with them. Dinners at their place were homely and delicious, and our Saturday trip to the Amish countryside was truly an eye opener and interesting for us. Great discussions, outings, fun and laughter – and exceptional hospitality. Thanks Albert and Henriette for everything!

This could be Nora&’s last flight during her pregnancy at 30 weeks. We had a really good business and personal trip this time round.

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